Welcome to Social Enterprise kenya

Promoting Social Enterpreneurship in Kenya

We are in a mission to strengthen the social enterprise sector in Kenya and to encourage the growth of social enterprises as a sustainable way to address social and environmental needs. At SEK We believe that social enterprises have the potential to make a real difference in the lives of people in Kenya, and we are committed to supporting their success.

Raising awareness of social entrepreneurship and its potential to impact society

Offering support to social enterprises through advisory services, training, research, and networking opportunities

Building networks among social enterprises and other stakeholders.

About Us

Our Mission & Vision


To create a thriving ecosystem of high-quality, sustainable social enterprises in Kenya that are a leading force for social and economic transformation by 2030.

Mission statement:

Social Enterprise Kenya is a catalyst for the social enterprise sector in Kenya, working to strengthen the sector by providing advocacy, training, research, networking, and capacity building to social enterprises, supporters, and policymakers.

Training Courses and Advisory Services

Benefits of Joining Social Enterprise Kenya

Access to advisory services training and research

At SEK, we're dedicated to empowering Kenyan social enterprises through comprehensive advisory services, training, and extensive research support, fostering their growth and impact.

Networking opportunities with other social enterprises

SEK provides unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting social enterprises with a diverse ecosystem of like-minded organizations, fostering collaboration and innovation in Kenya's vibrant social enterprise sector.

Promotion to partners and stakeholders

SEK actively promotes its mission and the achievements of social enterprises to partners and stakeholders, amplifying their positive impact in Kenya's society and environment.

Training Courses and Advisory Services

Social Enterprise Kenya Advisory To Non-members

Social Enterprise Kenya (SEK) offers a range of advisory services and training courses to non-members organizations and individuals at a fee. These services can help social enterprises to start or grow their businesses, and to have a greater impact on society.

Individual Membership

For individuals who are interested in social enterprise.

CORPORATE membership

For businesses that are interested in supporting social enterprise

Grow your network

Types of SEK Membership

We believe in the power of social enterprise to create positive change in our communities and the world. By becoming a member of our social enterprise, you’ll not only be supporting a meaningful cause but also gaining access to a range of exclusive benefits.

Network with Social Enterprises

Unlock a world of collaboration and innovation with SEK’s networking opportunities for social enterprises. Connect, share ideas, and build powerful partnerships within Kenya’s dynamic social enterprise community. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for our society and the environment.