Advisory for Non-Members

At Social Enterprise Kenya (SEK), our commitment to driving positive social and environmental change extends beyond our members. We offer advisory services to non-members who are passionate about making a difference through social enterprise.


Why Advisory Services

Expert Guidance: Access the wisdom of seasoned professionals and industry experts who are dedicated to helping your social enterprise succeed.

Wide Range of Expertise: Benefit from a diverse array of advisory areas, covering everything from business strategy and sustainability to fundraising and impact measurement.

Our advisory services are personalized to your unique needs, ensuring you receive guidance and insights that align with your mission and goals.

Training Courses and Advisory Services

Benefits of Joining Social Enterprise Kenya

Access to advisory services training and research

At SEK, we're dedicated to empowering Kenyan social enterprises through comprehensive advisory services, training, and extensive research support, fostering their growth and impact.

Networking opportunities with other social enterprises

SEK provides unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting social enterprises with a diverse ecosystem of like-minded organizations, fostering collaboration and innovation in Kenya's vibrant social enterprise sector.

Promotion to partners and stakeholders

SEK actively promotes its mission and the achievements of social enterprises to partners and stakeholders, amplifying their positive impact in Kenya's society and environment.