Quick recap 🔁 from #AACOSE6 with Mike Kipkorir, Founder and CEO of Verb Education.
During his presentation, he highlighted the significance of supporting the Competency-Based
Curriculum (CBC) in education. Kipkorir underscores the need to invest in education and digital skills. The showcased CBC application promotes simplicity, time savings, and improved education management, aligning with the goal of quality education for all.

Verb Education is on a mission to help transform the way education is organised and delivered so that it works for the majority. We want to see a world where people reach their potential and countries where great teachers and schools are the norm rather than the exception.

Thrilled to have Verb Education as a partner in the upcoming #AACOSE7 ! Join us as we embark on an exciting journey in shaping tomorrow’s landscape of impactful change.

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