who we are

SEK Board Members

Our board members at Social Enterprise Kenya are a diverse and dedicated group of individuals with a shared passion for driving positive change. With extensive experience in various sectors, they provide valuable insights, governance, and strategic direction to ensure that SEK continues to thrive as a force for social and environmental impact in Kenya.”


Strategic Expertise


Governance and Accountability

Kenneth Ndua Mitambo

Board Chairperson

Director social innovation, Program design and partnerships. KUWA Innovations and Impact Lab

Jacqueline Malomba

Board Treasurer

Principal Consultant AFRI Women Connect consultancy and Accredited Member Femwise, Panel of the Wise- AFRICA UNION and Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Rosemary Kinuthia

Board Secretary

Founder and Director African Boy Child Network, Social Entrepreneur and Gender Policy expert

Jonas Yawovi Dzinekou

Patron and Adviser

Director - Institute for Social Transformation - Tangaza University College

Rita Gachagua

Communications Lead

Seasoned Project Management Professional (M&E) and Communications Lead. - Comboni Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship

What we Do

Our primary causes

The primary course at Social Enterprise Kenya (SEK) is a transformative journey designed to equip aspiring social entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and vision needed to drive meaningful change. Through a dynamic curriculum, SEK’s course explores the core principles of social enterprise, sustainable business models, and ethical leadership. Participants will gain practical insights and guidance to launch, grow, and sustain enterprises that tackle pressing social and environmental challenges while connecting with a thriving community of like-minded change-makers.

Mentorship by Industry Experts

SEK provides participants with access to a network of experienced mentors and industry experts who offer personalized guidance and insights. This mentorship ensures that aspiring social entrepreneurs receive valuable one-on-one support and feedback to refine their ideas and strategies.

Incubation and Funding Opportunities

SEK offers incubation services to promising social enterprises, providing them with a supportive environment to develop their initiatives. Additionally, they connect participants to funding opportunities and investors who are passionate about supporting projects with a positive social and environmental impact.

Training Courses and Advisory Services

Benefits of Joining Social Enterprise Kenya

Access to advisory services training and research

At SEK, we're dedicated to empowering Kenyan social enterprises through comprehensive advisory services, training, and extensive research support, fostering their growth and impact.

Networking opportunities with other social enterprises

SEK provides unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting social enterprises with a diverse ecosystem of like-minded organizations, fostering collaboration and innovation in Kenya's vibrant social enterprise sector.

Promotion to partners and stakeholders

SEK actively promotes its mission and the achievements of social enterprises to partners and stakeholders, amplifying their positive impact in Kenya's society and environment.